Agriculture and microalgae – what are the opportunities? – 6. December 2023

On December 6, 2023, interested farmers were given a first insight into algae cultivation at IGV GmbH (IGV) in Potsdam. The event was organized by the Brandenburg State Farmers’ Association in cooperation with IGV and T+I Consult GmbH (T+I). A total of ten farmers from Brandenburg were there to find out about the potential of microalgae as a new source of income.

The program included information on sales markets for algae and production processes. A tubular reactor and the algae farmhouse were visited during a guided tour of the plant. T + I presented further application examples and discussed funding opportunities and the integration of microalgae cultivation into agricultural operations.

Together with the farmers, the challenges in agriculture and the potential of microalgae production were discussed. This also highlighted the interest and need for new solutions to diversify agricultural operations.