The project

Lusitza Trans Connect: Lusitza Trans Connect: A program to comprehensively support the transformation process of Lusatia as a lignite mining region by specifically promoting (development, application, market launch) innovative and sustainable product and process solutions to strengthen circular processes in land, water and food management.


It is one of many regions that are phasing out lignite mining in Germany and therefore need economic stimulus and complementary project management support for regional companies.

As part of the BMWK’s STARK initiative, the “LuTraCo” program aims to provide this necessary impetus by specifically targeting companies and related organizations within the agricultural and horticultural value chain in Lusatia.

Interdisciplinary exchange

Various events on current problems, workshops and excursions in Lusatian companies bring together actors from the most diverse areas of Lusatia and thus ensure an interdisciplinary exchange. In this way, interdisciplinary and international projects are initiated, new value chains are created for Lusatia and innovations are put into practice.

The LuTraCo program

The LuTraCo program will be active over the period of 4 years through a series of activities in the areas of networking, consulting, knowledge and technology transfer and strengthening entrepreneurial action.